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Catherine Ticer Communications provides a broad spectrum of client services including: corporate positioning, brand development, event planning and management, media relations, digital communications, press conferences, executive media training, speech writing, brochure and style guide production, website design and development, trade show execution, national vehicle promotions and advertising.

Public Relations

Everyone has a story. We research, listen and discover the unique attributes that sets you apart from the competition. By presenting key messages in an insightful and newsworthy way, we generate extensive media coverage that positions our clients as industry experts and reliable information sources.

  • Media relations

  • Corporate positioning

  • Press conferences

  • Executive media training

  • Speech writing

  • Crisis communication

Digital Strategy

We build and enhance our clients’ digital brand through proven methodologies and attention generating content designed to rapidly and effectively move through the digital landscape and social communities.

  • Digital communications

  • Social media engagement

  • Search engine optimization

  • Website content development

  • Analytics


Effective and efficient messages are cultivated and created through innovative multi-channel marketing. We incorporate earned and paid social media marketing with traditional marketing, public relations, and online initiatives - to a present a synergetic message that is clear, concise and easily remembered.

  • Brand development

  • Brochure and style guide production

  • Trade show execution

  • National product promotions

  • Event planning and management

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